Aaron Halford

Just your average IT guy. Also tinkering in cloud developer and administrative support. Android and Arch Linux user. Reader of many technical books. Also happily married and a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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"You're an IT guy, right?"

Hello! I'm Aaron Halford, an IT guy living in the Bay Area of California.

Since moving to California from the frosty state of Michigan, I've spent hours and hours at tech conferences hosted in San Francisco. I can bear witness that, while craziness does indeed happen in Bay Area startups, good company cultures do exist.

When not locked down to a dozen or more command line terminals in my attempts to keep Amazon Web Services servers from imploding; I enjoy collecting miniture mechas and attempting to break the world record for most sushi eaten in one sitting.

I was blessed to marry a beautiful, Mario Kart 8 playing woman who - while in second place - will withhold firing the red shell. Folks, that's true love.

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Professional Skillsets


I mainly author elaborate bash scripts but I'm slowly learning how to code my way out of a paper bag using ruby and python. I did dabble in Android development but as we all know Java is the code version of hell so that didn't work out so well...

Cloud Deloyment

Currently on the long path to my Amazon Web Services Devops Administration certificate. Though AWS is my favorite cloud platform, I've also performed configuration management tasks using Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.

Data Security

I religiously follow the 3:2:1 rule. Three backups total. Two local redundances. And one off site. Encryption on that data too. And yes, I did gain my backup awareness from an accidental command of 'rm -rf /' while Sudo'd as root.

UX/UI Design

I started sketching website designs way back in the early 2000s. My eyes have been honed with over a decade of experience discovering common website UX/UI problems.

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Thanks for visiting my little personalized corner of the internet. If you have any inquizitive questions, intriguing comments, or serious networking requests please contact me!

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